Sunday, May 13, 2012

What is a leader’s most important feature?

There are many kinds of leaders in the world, but a special universal trait shared by great leaders is the skill to understand the abilities and characteristics of anyone. In my opinion this trait is the most important feature for any good leader. It is more important than technical knowledge or charisma, as it affects team performance the most. With this skill, a leader is able to emphasize the strengths of followers instead of mistakenly highlighting their weaknesses. This creates a more efficient and happier team, one that feels appreciated and works at maximum potential.

Second to this trait is a leader’s attitude, as leaders are the emotional anchors for their followers. If the head of a group is not confident or level-headed, then the group enters a disastrous state and begins to fall apart. I believe a positive, confident, and ambitious leader will inspires others and produce a stronger team.

To summarize, a leader’s most important feature is the ability to understand the abilities and characteristics of anyone. A leader’s second most important aspect is his or her attitude.

By Guest Writer: Jaron Gao (

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