Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Great Leaders Can Achieve Great Results

Here is a story of leadership from one of our new readers Savannah Anderson (savannah.andersen@gatech.edu) from Georgia Tech!

Savannah's Story
The task was clear...build a 23' long rolling tribute to our football team and our beloved mascot (the Purple Hurricane). It must recognize our opponent (the Buccaneers), be based on the board game Battleship and include our gargantuan chicken-wire hurricane stuffed with purple tissue paper. The funds to pay for this $700 masterpiece must be raised. Lastly, all work must be done solely by students within a supervised 10 hour period. Translation: Once again I would have to peddle doughnuts on street corners, hunt for supplies and beg for volunteers.
I would love to say that my most notable leadership experience had lasting benefit to humanity, but really, the construction of our senior classes' homecoming float was undeniably a task that would challenge the most seasoned executive. Having been class president during both my sophomore and junior years, I have learned what to expect......we labor to construct awesome floats, undeniably superior to those of our competitors, yet each year receive disappointing 2nd place finishes.
So with me at the helm, approximately 30 of my classmates and I set out to build. Bound together by our task, we toiled. We painted, taped, glued and stuffed. For the first time in 3 years, it was actually fun! It was not the frustrating and chaotic experience of years past, but rather a memorable time of fellowship. It was truly a memorable finale to our 4 years together. And as a bonus, we paraded away with a blue ribbon.

What Have We Learned?

Savannah's story shows us that when a leader has a cause that they care about they bring people together to help accomplish it. Their drive as a team can lead to outstanding results. Do you have a story about leadership? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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